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Good cinematics.
You might want to work on the art, either selecting sprite sets, or creating your own method of drawing or clipping.

Add a good story, or have a writer do one for you making it longer and more enjoyable.
You have the talent for good cinematography and angles of perception.
Work at it and keep it up.

Haha. This was nice.
I really liked the plot and the whole idea behind it was pretty funny. I enjoyed it's timing and although the backgrounds and characters could have used more details, the entire story was put together nicely. Good job. Best of luck.

luuuka responds:

Yup... next time I would definitely start earlier because I coloured like, nothing in. I'm glad you liked the story though, thanks for watching it!

This was very entertaining and the plot was really nice. Thank you for creating this. Good luck on the Open Round. Can't wait to see what you cook up next.

DuDuL responds:

Thank you - i'll try not to disappoint

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It's a good concept. Maybe add a story and different type of animations for the zombies mixed in there to add more visual variety. I did like the effect used to make the zombies appear to be approaching the player. The audio def needs some touch ups. A different music choice is a start. Keep it up, I enjoyed it.

This was a fun game to play.
It has a nice arcade feel to it and gave me good nostalgia.

The player's interface could use a touch up and a little more flare to make this more complete.

Overall the game is enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who liked the SEGA racing arcades.

Looks promising at this stage.
Graphics are nice, and the maps are very detailed.

GhostwareStudios responds:

thank you very much this only the beta

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It's a very uplifting piece. It is very well composed and feels complete which gives it quality.

The style and mood of this track allow it to work perfectly in a wider variety of projects.

Great work.

Keegs responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it! :))

Stellar performance on this theme.
I imagine several dramatic events unfolding in my head as I listen to it.
Intense rich stories I may use one day. I'm sure everyone agrees.

Very inspirational and dramatic piece.

As always, a pleasure listening to another one of your creations.

You know, I am really glad to have come across you.
You have always delivered when it comes to inspiration.

I have meditated many times to your sounds, and have discovered some of the most important thoughts and ideas of my life listening to them. For that I call you gifted.

This piece drives the mind into high gear and tenses up any situation given. It tells a story that has no time to be told. A quick, precise, and well carried out rush.

However, personally, this is not quite my cup of tea when it comes to the theme of it.
I don't quite understand the mood of the song sometimes because it goes from a dark angry mood to a more happier tempo; The melody changes too drastically.

In a way it kind of makes it a twisted type of mood, so in all it's a great song.
Thank you.

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Hah. This one made me laugh and quite frankly I enjoyed this piece quite a bit.

Did you really come up with this you and your friends? If so, props.

supermegadragon responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I plan to have more of our stuff up pretty soon.

I am a project manager with experience in developing and working with media. I intend on creating some really unique projects that I hope you may enjoy.

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